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Half-way through chemo

Today’s my third round of chemo, which means I’m half-way through chemo. I won’t really count it as half-way done until I’m side effect free, but I have only three more times I have to come in for chemo. That fact definitely counts as a good one. StatsGuy came to sit with my today, so it’s been very quiet as we both sit and work. I get interrupted by the occasional “Can I get you anything?” from the nurses or StatsGuy.

I found this hat in Montreal. It's reversible and solid black on the other side.

I found this hat in Montreal. It’s reversible and solid black on the other side.

I saw my results from the latest round of blood work. Good news, my liver functions seems to have improved. My AST (aspartate transferase) levels dropped back to normal, and my ALT (alanine transferase) dropped thirty points. The ALT is still high, but at least it moved much closer to normal. I guess the lack of alcohol and occasional avocado consumption seems to have paid off. I’ll keep those changes up for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, my hemoglobin and hemocrit levels are still low. In fact, the low iron levels messed with the red blood cells enough so they came back abnormal in morphology and RDW (red blood cell distribution width). To combat the low iron levels, Dr. Li prescribed Venofer (iron sucrose) on a weekly basis. Therefore, I get ten drugs through my port today, instead of the usual nine, and I have to come back to the RCC on my non-chemo weeks for iron infusions. It also means I’m sitting in the chair an extra two hours today, which makes for a long day. What can you do. Hopefully the kids are behaving for my mother-in-law today!