The hair loss continues, slowly

Subtitled: But I still have hair!

I am two-thirds of the way through chemo (Can I hear a big “Yeah!” for that!), and I am still surprised that I have hair. Now, the amount varies depending on the body part, but I haven’t lost all the hair anywhere but my nose. Losing your nose hair is actually quite annoying. Turns out, nose hair catches those little drips of snot. Now that I don’t have nose hair, I have very little time between the feeling of “I should wipe my nose” and “Eww, it dripped into my mouth.” Needless to say, I am never without a hankie – just in case.

If I’ve lost all my nose hair, I haven’t lost any of my arm hair, which is much more noticeable and therefore more important, visually. As for the most important hair, that on my head, I’ve still got some but not much. It’s still a little and feels really weird if the wind blows on my bare head because it moves all the little hairs. I don’t think what’s left is growing at all (and that’s true everywhere on my body). I also lose a bit more hair after every chemo cycle, but I’m not completely bald. The biggest difference I’ve noticed with having no hair is the back of my neck gets cold when the wind blows. There’s been several times when I’ve walked the dog that I’ve put on a winter hat just to keep the back of my neck warm.

My eyebrows are much thinner, but still in existence. Good thing because even though my mother-in-law was kind enough to buy me an eyebrow pencil, I don’t think I have the patience to actually use it. My eyelashes look pretty much the same. So, as long as I’m wearing a hat, you can’t tell just by looking at me that I’m undergoing chemo. The exception is if you know someone who went through chemo, you’ll recognize the subtle signs. That’s OK – I just don’t want to have cancer conversations with random people I run into doing errands.