Linked by Pink meeting

I got lucky this month that the Linked by Pink meeting was the night before chemo instead of the week after (especially since that Wednesday after chemo is a rough day). It was out in Fairview this time, which is a bit of a drive, but totally worth it since it was at a tea shop. Turns out, one of ladies in Linked by Pink owns a tea shop – Miss Bridget’s Spot of Tea! I didn’t even know there was a tea shop in the area, let alone one run by a friend.

This is the tea awaiting you at Miss Bridget's - so many choices to smell and taste!

This is the tea awaiting you at Miss Bridget’s – so many choices to smell and taste!

I totally love tea so I was sure to bring my wallet with me so I could come home with some new tea varieties. I was not disappointed. I picked up two green teas – a Balinese Rainbow Jasmine because I like jasmine tea and was out at home and then Genmaicha Yamasaki, which has toasted rice in it. I’ve seen it before and wasn’t sure about the flavor, but decided to try a bit of it. I also grabbed a fruit tisane (Lady Hannah’s) for the kids.

I was also there for the support of the other Linked by Pink women (although the warm cups of tea didn’t hurt). Since I’m moving on to the next stage of treatment, it was time for me to ask lots of questions again. I was mostly interested in what the ladies did if they had a mastectomy. Did you have reconstruction? What kind? How did it work? Do you have a prosthetic? What’s it like? I’m just trying to figure out my options and get an idea of how it all works in real life, versus what the surgeon might say to me. I am in a bit of a holding pattern until I find out what the surgeon plans, but I want to be able to start thinking about options. Needless to say, there’s lots of thoughts floating through my head. We’ll see what happens soon enough, I know.