First Herceptin-only treatment

I may be done with chemo, but I’m not done going to the RCC on a regular basis. Friday was my first Herceptin-only treatment. I was a little annoyed that I had to go out on Black Friday (we usually just stay home and hibernate), but at least my appointment wasn’t scheduled until late in the afternoon. I even managed to run a few errands on the way, since I was going to be out anyways. I should have stayed away from the mall, though. The parking lot was still crazy.

Getting my Herceptin infusion.

Getting my Herceptin infusion. You can see where they’ve accessed my port.

Herceptin treatments will last for a year, but they’re only a half an hour in the chair – so much easier than chemo. As another added bonus, I don’t feel any side effects from the Herceptin, and I don’t need any pre-treatment drugs. So, I’m in and out of the RCC in less than an hour, and I don’t notice any side effects when I get home. I didn’t even take anyone with me for this treatment, since it was quick and easy. I brought a book to read and was happy for the quiet.

Since chemo is over, I’m also on hair watch. It’s starting to get a little more obvious, but still just fuzz on my head.

Some hair growing in.

Some hair growing in.

It’s not really much longer, but now you can start to see a hair-line of scalp versus face. I’m curious how long it will take to grow back, and what it will look like when it does grow in. My neck still gets cold, so I’ve resorted to wearing a scarf to keep it warmer. My eyebrows are still teeny-tiny hairs as well. I’m not ready to give up my hats anytime soon!