My surgery decision

You may have noticed in the last post that I decided on reconstruction. The meeting with the plastic surgeon was very helpful in making my decision, mainly because it pointed out that the procedure to do reconstruction is fairly simple. I really wanted the option that impacted my life the least. Having to deal with a prosthetic would get annoying very quickly. I barely put in earrings on a daily basis, so I could easily see myself not wanting to tuck in a prosthetic every day for the rest of my life.

In fact, the phrase “for the rest of my life” turned out to be pivotal. When I put it into perspective – a couple of weeks annoyance for ease over the rest of my life – reconstruction seemed a much more desirable decision. Yes, I know I could not do reconstruction now and still have that option available for the future. However, if I’m going to do reconstruction, I’d rather do it at the same time as the mastectomy.

It came down to being an aesthetic choice. I don’t need my breasts for functionality any more (they served that function quite well when my kids were little). I thought about not being able to wear my cute sundresses any more, and that was enough to tip me into wanting the reconstruction. Besides, several members of Linked by Pink said the inflation (the part I’m dreading the most) really wasn’t bad. Making the decision did lift a load off my shoulders. I don’t like the feeling of indecision I was having.

So, surgery with Dr. Engel is scheduled for the 17th. I have a meeting with Dr. Kang the day before so he can do his markings, but this is a doctor free week. Good – I have Christmas to get ready for.