What to bring to the hospital

I’m did a little research on what to expect for my mastectomy, and came upon some suggestions of what I’ll need in the hospital and afterwards. I’ll put the list up now (so I don’t forget), and then let you know whether or not they were useful afterwards.

Things to bring to the hospital, in no particular order:

-lotion and lip balm (everything is always so dry)

-hard candy for my dry throat after surgery

-a small pillow to hold the seat belt away from my chest on the way home. I got one after my initial appointment with the breast cancer facilitator. Now I just have to find it…

-toothbrush and toothpaste (for some reason, I tend to forget these things)

-my iPod so I have some music and podcasts to listen to while I’m sitting in the hospital. Better be sure to update the iPod before I head into the hospital

-a good book, or maybe just my Kindle so I have lots of choices

-elastic waist pants and a front button/zipper shirt since I won’t be able to lift my right arm up for a while. In fact, I’m heading out this weekend to buy a set of warm pajamas that button up the front as well

-my sleeping beanie hat so my head doesn’t get cold. Speaking of my head, check out the hair growth:

Look - you can actually see hair!

Look – you can actually see hair!

It’s not long enough to go out in public without a hat yet, especially in this winter weather, but there’s definite growth happening! (Compare it to the photo taken two weeks ago in this post.) You can even see a shadow of my eyebrows. I still haven’t had to shave, but hair is definitely growing. And yes, I take the pictures in my bathroom because that’s where I can find the most light.