My mastectomy was Tuesday morning, and there’s lots to say about it, so I’ll put up a couple of posts about it. Long story short, it went well and I don’t hurt too bad today (the next day). If you want all the details (I’ll spare you the gory details, I promise), keep reading.

I met with Dr. Kang the night before the surgery so he could mark up my breast to assist him in reconstruction. By the time he was done, it looked like he’d drawn a target on my breast in black Sharpie.

Sharpie lines on my chest.

Sharpie lines on my chest. You can also see my port on the upper right of my chest. The shadow on the left is just marker smear.

Dr. Kang marked the inframammary fold as well as the extent of breast tissue on the inner and outer margins, and a line right down the middle of my chest.

The night before surgery, I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping all that well so I stayed up late wrapping Christmas presents. I didn’t get quite all of them done, but I put a sizable dent in the pile. The other advantage of staying up was I could eat and drink up until midnight. I had a snack about 11:30 and kept drinking water right up through midnight. I felt a little like a gremlin with the number of times I was reminded not to eat or drink after midnight.

I had to be at the Women’s Hospital by 8am for my surgery. We were a little late, which didn’t really matter since I didn’t head down to pre-op until 11am. I was quite impressed with the size of the room – it is bigger than some hotel rooms the family has stayed in with a fold-out couch, a recliner, and a table and chairs.

The impressive room

The impressive room – there’s a flat-screen TV on the opposite wall

The bathroom even had a shower - not that I could use it.

The bathroom even had a shower – not that I could use it.

Too bad the hospital didn’t exist when I was giving birth to my kids. There was even an awesome view of Presque Isle Bay out the window.

The frozen waterfront

The frozen waterfront

Sadly, it was too cloudy to see a sunset, not that I would necessarily have remembered it after surgery and all the good drugs they gave me. I’ll provide the details of post-surgery in the next post. This one is long enough, and the lack of sleep is catching up with me.