Christmas presents from my surgeons

I had an appointment with Dr. Kang this afternoon. I was hoping he’d take out a drain today, although I was worried that neither of the drains was extremely low (one producing 40ccs in 24 hours, the other producing 30ccs). Even so, he was satisfied I didn’t need both drains in and took one of them out. Now I only have one of my special baby egg sacs I need to carry around with me. (I feel like they are egg sacs from parasitizing wasps that I’ve been tricked into caring for – it’s the biologist in me, what can I say).

Luckily, I had read somewhere that it’s a good idea to take your pains meds an hour or so before the doctor’s visit where he’s going to take out the drains. I probably would have done it just for the car ride into the doctor’s office, since the bumps aren’t very pleasant to my sore muscles. Getting the drain out was not at all pleasant. First, he snipped the stitches holding the tube in my body, which I could totally feel and leaned toward the pain side of feeling. Then, he pulled the drain out, which didn’t hurt but felt completely disgusting as I felt the tubing move through the incision. Finally, he put a big band-aid over the incision site (after mopping up a few drips of the fluid the drain had been collecting). It’ll take a day or so for the incision to close up.

Couple of things I learned from the plastic surgeon. I need to be careful with moving my arm over my head while the drains are in place. I should be wearing my Ace bandage tighter, so it squishes the fluid out of my body. (Bonus, it won’t slip when it’s tighter.) Finally, the drain that is left may increase in the volume it collects as it is now doing the work of both drains, so not to be alarmed about the increase.

Since Dr. Kang’s visit didn’t take very long, and I had genetics paperwork to take to my breast surgeon’s office, we walked over to Dr. Engel’s office. I hand delivered the paperwork to Dr. Engel’s scheduler this time. Last time, I just gave them to the nurses at the front desk, and they got lost. This is about 10 pages of paperwork on family history that requires I call my mother to fill out properly, so I didn’t want to have to do it a third time. Since we were there, we asked if the pathology report had come through yet. Dr. Engel called us back to his office and gave us the down and dirty results – NO CANCER seen in the breast tissue OR the lymph nodes!!!!! Needless to say, we’re a bit excited! I still need to do radiation, just to be on the safe side, but only about 10% of the time does chemo remove cancer to the point they can’t even find microscopic evidence. Glad to be special in the good way for a change!!!

So, all in all, two great presents from my surgeons. Merry Christmas, everyone!