Drain free!!!

I had an appointment with Dr. Kang this morning and he took my second drain out! Life is good again! I was getting extremely irritated by the drain, and more specifically, the tubing that ran under my skin. I could feel it moving around in my armpit and down into the arm. At first, I could only feel it when I moved in a particular way or bumped the tubing outside my body just right. The past two days, however, I could feel it all the time. Just breathing made it move and hurt, and it was pinching a nerve or blood vessel so the side of my palm started to feel numb. I was completely miserable yesterday since there was no position I could find that didn’t irritate my arm in some way. So, when Dr. Kang asked how much the drain was producing, my first thought was “What do I have to say to have you take it out?” Luckily, I gave the right answer.

Getting the drain actually removed was even more disgusting this time than the first time. I had taken pain meds before the appointment (the good ones this time, since I knew it would hurt during and after). Dr. Kang cut the sutures holding the drain in place and then pulled. Feeling the drain move under the skin is not a pleasant feeling at all. Feeling it get stuck on the way out is even worse. It got stuck twice. *shudder*

I still have to wear the Ace bandage for a while longer, since my body hasn’t completely stopped making fluid for those holes. Dr. Kang offered to wrap me up this time, so now I know the best way to do and how tight it should be. We’ve been doing it all wrong. By the time I’m allowed to stop wearing the Ace wrap, it’s going to feel weird to go without it. Tomorrow I can even take a shower – now isn’t that exciting! No more sponge baths in the tub and washing my hair in the sink.

All in all, life is much better.