Breast surgeon check-up

I met with Dr. Engel’s nurse today, just for a check-up. The incision is healing nicely, but my arm is still sore. It hurts under my armpit, although I can’t tell if it’s because of damage to the nerve that serves that part of my arm, or if it’s just still healing. The other part that is still sore is the muscles in my chest. Everything hurts worst first thing in the morning, but as long as I keep moving it’s not too bad. I can probably stop wearing the Ace bandage, but my other choice is a sports bra. Sadly, I can’t wear one because the straps go over my port. I’m still trying to figure out what to wear instead.

We also discussed future visits. I’ll need to see the surgeon every six months for the next three years, with a mammogram on the still existing breast every year. After three years, assuming nothing changes, it goes down to yearly visits. My favorite – doctor’s visits.