So many doctor visits

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to go to less doctor’s visits. So far this year, I am totally failing at that resolution. Last week was the worst so far. Ready for the schedule?

Tuesday – physical therapy

Wednesday – bloodwork

Thursday – meet with Dr. Li (the oncologist) for a check-up and Dr. Figura (the radiologist) to discuss the next stage of treatment

Friday – physical therapy, a double Herceptin treatment (to make up for the one I missed right after my mastectomy), a trip to a medical supply company to discuss mastectomy bras (don’t need one at this point) and lymphedema sleeves (I’m getting a plain beige one for hockey and under long sleeves, and a patterned one), and a trip to Dr. Kang (the plastic surgeon) for my first fill on the expander.

The sleeve pattern I chose from Lymphedivas.

The sleeve pattern I chose from Lymphedivas.

This week, I only have two physical therapy appointments and another fill from Dr. Kang. On top of all the doctor’s visits, I did some homeschooling, went to two hockey games, and a gymnastics meet. So, I’m a little behind on blogging. I promise some details soon, but now I’m going to bed so I can get up early tomorrow to do physical therapy before StatsGuy has to go to work.