Graduation day!

Today was my last day of PT!!! Not that I didn’t love the ladies I worked with, but I would need to find somewhere to stash the kids for two hours twice a week, and that becomes difficult. I’m sure what I should really be celebrating is the improvement to the range of motion in my shoulder (and I am), but at times the scheduling becomes more important.

Amanda did remeasure my range of motion in the right shoulder, and it’s nearly the same as the left shoulder. I have just a bit better I can do lifting my arm from the side, but I think most of the pulling that’s limiting my motion comes from my chest muscle and the expansion. I did have to promise to do my stretching exercises on a regular basis, especially once radiation starts, since that can tighten up muscles and skin. It’s important to keep the muscles and skin loose for the expansion as well, so I need to remember to do the exercises before my fill tomorrow morning.

Graduation present from the physical therapy office.

Graduation present from the physical therapy office.

Overall, I’m feeling much better today. I caught a cold over the weekend, which completely bummed me out. I’m finally feeling nearly back to normal in the shoulder and chest (I can lift my arm and not feel any of the cording/pulling in the armpit anymore), and I get sick. I just want to feel better, is that so much to ask? I went to bed early last night and finally woke up feeling back to normal today. I still have a cough, so I’m not 100%, but at least my energy level is back to normal.

My chest is a bit sore today, though. I’m wondering if I overdid my exercises yesterday. I also think the cocoa butter I put on last night sensitized the skin around my incision so it’s hurt all day. Won’t be using that again any time soon! The other thing I’ve noticed is my eyelashes are growing back in. I didn’t realize I’d lost nearly all of them, but they’re all really short and curly. It’s surprisingly irritating – vaguely itchy in the eyes because of their length.