How do you like my sleeve?

My new LymphaDiva sleeves came in, so I picked them up on my way to the Cancer Center (more on that appointment in a later post). The woman I’ve been working with at the Pennsylvania Artificial Limb and Brace Company (yeah, it’s a mouthful) has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable about what’s available to help a breast cancer patient.

First, we tried on the sleeve.

The Flutter LymphaDiva sleeve and gauntlet

The Flutter LymphaDiva sleeve and gauntlet

I’m pleased with the pattern choice I made. I also got a plain beige one to wear under long sleeves, but I wanted to try on the pretty one first. I had help putting it on this time, and I’m sure it will be much more difficult to do on my own since it’s so snug. I got the small short sleeve and the small gauntlet (for my hand). The sleeve itself isn’t too noticeable when I wear it, but the gauntlet makes the muscle in the ball of my thumb cramp up. I might wear the sleeve around just to get used to it, but there’s no way I’m wearing the gauntlet unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Since I was there, I mentioned to the assistant how lop-sided I am after the final fill on my expander. It’s going to be months before I get the expander exchanged for the implant, and I was wondering if there was anything I could do to even things up. Turns out there is. I can get a breast form to up the size on my left breast so it matches the expanded right side. I can also get a partial form for the right side so there isn’t quite the drop off on the underside of the breast. If I’m going to go in that direction, I probably want a mastectomy bra to hold the forms in place as well, so I’ll have to go back for a fitting and to pick out a style that will work without irritating my port.

Oh, and while I’m at it – check out the hair!

Look - there's hair!

Look – there’s hair!

It feels like real hair, finally, and you definitely can’t see my scalp through what’s come in. It’s even long enough to stick up occasionally! I’m still waiting to get to the point where I can style it, but at least it’s enough to keep my head warm around the house now.


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      • Ultimately the health of your arm is what’s most important!!! Do what the professionals say to do….even if it stinks sometimes! Hey I am having ground breaking surgery with dr. David Chang, he is transplanting healthy tissue and lymph nodes into my armpit to help with the lymphedema google him you will see what he is doing….I am starting a blog to help document the experience and try and educate others….follow me if your interested!!! I am just getting started!!!

  1. I absolutely love your smile Nat. I’ve been waiting for that and it made our day!!
    We are in Ky at Karl’s for the weekend. We are coming back through on Tuesday and are not sure if you are up for a visit or what your schedule is like Tuesday afternoon for a short visit.
    If you could let me know, that would be great.

    • We’re not too busy on Tuesdays so please stop by. If you time it right, you might even see my mother since she’s coming down as well.

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