Genetic results

The genetic counselor called me last night. I must admit, I was a little surprised to be hearing from her at 7pm. Apparently, she didn’t get all her work done during the day and she needed to bring some home with her. Whatever.

Regardless of the time, it was a short conversation. No genetic mutations showed up in the areas that they tested. This was not at all a surprising result, but it was nice to hear nonetheless. It means I don’t have to think about whether or not I want to get my ovaries out or a mastectomy on the other breast. Even with the negative result, my sisters should be getting mammograms regularly (they both have already had one since I’ve been diagnosed). My daughter should also start getting tested at 25, but since that’s about 20 years from now, I’m really not worried about recommendations for her. I’m certain that by the time she’s 25, the recommendations and the technology will have changed, and probably significantly.

I will need to call the plastic surgeon and schedule surgery on the other breast. Now that I know I won’t be losing the whole thing, I’ll need a lift so the left breast matches the perkiness of the right, fake breast. I don’t need to rush, though, since the surgery won’t happen until after radiation is over. I’ve got some time, yet.