I must be feeling better

I can tell I’m getting used to the expander because my port has been irritating me lately. It doesn’t hurt, but I can still feel it under my clothes on a regular basis, even though it’s been in for over six months. I won’t be sorry to see that removed. I know it makes getting chemo infinitely easier, but I certainly don’t appreciate it outside of the Cancer Center.

I’m still waiting to get back to the point where I don’t notice the armpit area on my right arm.  It’s hard to tell if the problem is in my arm, my torso, or it’s all just imaginary as my brain gets used to the sensations coming from the nerve messed up by surgery. Part of it is a bit of fluid retention, though – I think. To help with fluid in my torso, I got a Swell Spot.


This gets tucked into a sports bra at bedtime, with the wing curving around and under my arm. While I feel really silly wearing it (between the expander and the padding, my right breast is HUGE wearing this. In fact, I went out a bought a larger sports bra so it would fit better), it works amazingly well. The quilting on the device promotes the flow of lymph out of the area, and the area feels less full in the morning. Apparently, I had some swelling around the expander as well, that this has taken care of. I can tell it’s less swollen now because I can see the access port to the expander through my skin. Now I’m matching – access ports on both sides of my chest. Lovely!