An unexpectedly awesome surprise!

We’ve been given a free week’s vacation in the Outer Banks in May! A little back story might be appropriate here.

logoAt the beginning of the year, one of my breast cancer friends posted some information about Little Pink Houses of Hope on Facebook. I was intrigued and looked into some details. Every year, they offer week-long retreats to women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. According to their website, “[e]very beach retreat is designed to help families relax, reconnect and rejuvenate during the cancer journey.” All you have to do is fill out a retreat application, choose all the weeks you’re available/locations you can get to, and they’ll let you know if you get a spot.

StatsGuy and I talked over whether or not we should apply for one of the spots. We were a little torn, but decided to go for it. Last summer really wasn’t full of fun, and while we have good health insurance, there’s still a fair amount of out-of-pocket expenses associated with a cancer diagnosis, so all things considered, a free week-long vacation would be highly appreciated. So, I filled out the online form and promptly forgot about it. Therefore, I was completely surprised by the email I received yesterday from the Retreat Assignment Team. I thought at first it was spam! I’m really glad I opened the email before deleting it!

I’ve never been to the Outer Banks, but I love the ocean, so that was the location I was hoping for. We have to provide transportation to the location, but once we’re there, they provide everything. Breakfast and drinks are in the house, there’s a communal lunch and dinner, and then family activities before lunch and after dinner. The family activities vary (depending on what services have been donated that year), but range from hang-gliding to biking to massage to date night. Needless to say, the whole family is totally stoked about the vacation!


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  1. This awesome and something we guys deserve. Trying to keep everything as close to normal as possible takes so much effort. Having some family time without appointments and schedules to be met is just what you need. MA

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