No tattoos yet

Sadly, I won’t be getting anything cool or pretty tattooed. Just some dots the size of a freckle as radiation guides, instead of the Sharpie-under-sticker arrangement I have currently. I could keep the stickers until the end of radiation, but they really annoy me. Whenever I wash or moisturize my chest, I have to work around the stickers. Besides, the upper one on my breastbone shows when I wear half my shirts.

I was supposed to get the tattoos today, but the techs needed to verify the location of one of my marks. The day before, I had X-rays taken after two of my radiation doses. Apparently, it’s a weekly monitoring X-ray so they can verify I’m lining up on the bed the way the doctor wants me to. I also get a weekly dosimeter so they can check the amount of radiation I am receiving.

It’s been a week of radiation, so the plan was to get the tattoos today, but one of the marks didn’t line up quite right. The techs took another X-ray for verification. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to take the stickers off.