Halfway done!

Yesterday was the half-way point on my radiation treatment. On one hand, I’m excited to be halfway done. On the other, I can’t believe it’s only halfway. Side effects of the radiation are still pretty minimal, although I am noticing more dry skin and pinkness, especially on the expander.

I celebrated with another marking session, this one for the last five days of radiation that will target the area around my mastectomy scar with electron beams instead of X-rays. The techs slid in an additional device on the radiation machine that will bring the pattern specific to my scar closer to my body. They transferred marks from a template onto my skin (Sharpies, once again) and then from my skin to a clear plate in the device. They’ll use the clear plate to develop a mold and pour the lead alloy around it to make my radiation pattern.

Part of the action for the marking session was figuring out the specific angle to irradiate me, which involved spinning both the table I lay on and the radiation generator. This was all directed by an in-house physicist. I want to know how you get that job, but all I was able to get out of her was that she has a Masters in Physics. By the time we were done, I looked like I had a sock monkey mouth drawn on my expander.