Another week done

Managed another week of radiation and another Herceptin treatment. Nothing too exciting to report, but I do hope I get a different crew next week. That’s the way it’s been every week so far – I get at least one new tech working on me. I’ve had six different people so far. The two I had this week weren’t bad, but they were slow. When my arm’s stuck in a torture device, every minute counts.

The other problem I have is as soon as I lay down with my arms tucked into their proper position, I immediately start to itch. I can be perfectly fine the moment before, but as soon as I’m not allowed to move, the itches start. I’m sure it’s just psychological, but still it’s annoying.

I am starting to see some irritation on my skin getting irradiated. It’s a little pinker, a littler drier, and just a little sore, especially under my armpit. I think the armpit is sore because there’s no padding left after they took out the lymph nodes. They tell me to just keep slathering on the moisturizer, so that’s what I do.