I Feel Human Again

As I feared, the hives moved onto my face. I woke up yesterday with my face all puffy and tight and my ears swollen so much the lobes wouldn’t even bend. Even Dr. Figura mentioned they looked “beefy.” Apparently, any kind of radiation reaction shouldn’t move much beyond the treatment area, and certainly all the way up to my face. He asked if I’d changed anything – moisturizer, shampoo, laundry detergent. No to anything I could think of. It seems the allergic reaction was becoming a systemic reaction, and it was time to up the meds to stop it.


Dr. Figura gave me a prescription for a course of steroids and promised me I’d feel better within 24 hours. Good thing, because I was feeling pretty miserable. Sure enough, by the next morning, the swelling had reduced, and even the itching has mostly stopped. I’ll just have to hope I don’t get a rebound reaction once I’m done with this course. At least I tolerate the steroids pretty well – I don’t even have problems going to sleep after taking a full dose in the evening.