The Last Week of Presents

I am down to my final day, which means I have last week’s presents to acknowledge. I know I didn’t get them up at the end of the week, but I was busy dealing with the allergic reaction. That’s under control (thanks to the steroids) and I’ve moved on to peeling. It’s annoying and slightly painful, especially right in my armpit, but nothing like the itchiness and swelling I had last week.

Anyways – on to the presents!

More snacks - I love Kashi granola bars

More snacks – I love Kashi granola bars

I had a bit of a heart theme going in the middle of the week.

Candy hearts, that I won't be sharing.

Candy hearts, that I won’t be sharing.

A heart tin

A heart tin

A postcard for my Postcrossing collection.


A pen from my father's business

A pen from my father’s business

I’ve got one present left (I saved a big one for the end).