Plastic Surgeon Update

I have been enjoying my first week after radiation. My skin is almost completely healed – there’s a bit of a tan line around the main treatment area, and I’m peeling on the expander. I can still see evidence of all the hives, but at least they’re not itchy anymore.

Even though I didn’t have radiation, I did have a doctor’s appointment. I met with Dr. Kang (the plastic surgeon) this afternoon for an update after radiation. I just wanted to touch base with him and see what the time frame was for replacing the expander with something squishy. We’re talking six months down the road to schedule the surgery. The big delay is to let the skin heal and the tissue relax a bit (everything has tightened and the expander has ridden up a little in the chest wall). I was a bit surprised at the time frame. I had remembered something more like six weeks rather than six months, but I might just have thinking optimistically.

Take home message is I need to make that appointment with the Pennsylvania Artificial Limb & Brace Company (isn’t that just a mouthful – we’ve decided just to call it PALB for short) for a breast form to even up the breasts. I can get away with the unevenness pretty easily during the winter, but it will become much more obvious over the summer. I’ll put it on my list of things to do for Monday, I guess!