On vacation

We made it to the Outer Banks today. We left yesterday and stayed in Williamsburg overnight, visiting Fort Monroe in the morning. It was a fun morning. We walked around the perimeter of the Fort. You drove through one of three gates that were barely a car width wide.

I was glad I wasn't driving

I was glad I wasn’t driving

We visited the museum in the Fort, which wound its way under the fortified wall through room after room. After lunch, we were off to the Outer Banks. We kept glimpsing the water through the sand dunes, but it took a while to get a clear view of the ocean. Once we got past Nags Head, all the touristy places pretty much disappeared, and the scrub took over. It was a surprisingly boring drive, but I was glad we weren’t in a super-touristy area.

Once we got to our meeting point, we were shown to our beach house.

Cape Escape - our beach house

Cape Escape – our beach house

It is a two-minute walk to the ocean, which we checked out almost immediately. I’ll have to get some pictures from our deck tomorrow. We had a welcome dinner where each family introduced themselves, and then the kids were taken out to play while the adults heard all the details on the week. We’ve got some good activities planned for the week – I’ll be sure to take pictures and post each night. Tonight, it’s time for bed. Tomorrow, it’s a morning on the beach and then game night planned. We brought our own games to share with the group – we’ll see if anyone wants to branch out into less common games.