Beach day

Our first full day of Little Pink activities started with a morning at the beach. They had a big tent set up at the beach, with lots of chairs, and beach toys around it, including boogie boards. Originally, I was just going to dip my toes in the water and watch the kids play, but the water was much warmer than I expected. So, I grabbed a boogie board of my own and hit the waves.

All set to ride some waves!

All set to ride some waves!

You’ll notice the highly appropriate rash guard shirt. I will admit I wasn’t wearing it in preparation of the boogie boards, but to provide a bit more coverage than my bikini provides. The straps on my other bathing suits go right over my port, so I can’t wear them. The bikini fits, but I don’t like showing that much skin. The shirt I bought to go under a flotation device while we were in the Bahamas and it works here as well. As a bonus, no roughed up skin on my stomach from the boogie board.

The kids had an absolute blast playing with the other kids. After wiping out a few times, Mr. Curiosity gravitated to some kind of ball game with one of the other boys his age.


Miss Curiosity was in and out of the water, wearing various flotation devices, and soaking up some warmth in the sand in between.


StatsGuy was the smart one and stayed in the shade with his book.


Sadly, we discovered the sunscreen I used isn’t too waterproof when you’re playing in the sand and surf. Mr. Curiosity is the reddest. He even broke down and let me put some aloe on him. I had to stop at the local Super Wings to get some, but it cooled things right down for him. I hope the burn fades by the morning, but he’ll be wearing a shirt for our upright paddleboarding tomorrow. I’ll also be putting lots more sunscreen on everyone.

In the afternoon, we checked out some of the shops in Avon and Buxton. The kids were wiped from the morning on the beach and even awesome homemade custard from Uncle Eddy’s wasn’t enough to revive Miss Adventure. So, it was back to the beach house so she could take an hour nap before dinner and games.

Dinner was Mexican tonight, and our kids immediately sat down with the kids from another family. One of the Little Pink volunteers presided at that kids table, and we had a delightful adult table right next them. After dinner we planned some silly  “Minute to Win It”-type games and it was back to our beach house for games of our own.

Tomorrow is paddleboarding and then putt-putt and go-karting. Should be fun, although we may need another afternoon nap to make sure we can handle the whole day.