Fishing and Pirate Attacks

We decided to participate in Thursday’s Little Pink activities instead of doing another day of lots of driving for potentially little reward. The morning started with family photos on the beach. It’s a little tricky doing outdoor photos, considering everyone’s got transition lenses on their glasses, but we tried to keep them from going dark. A professional photographer came in and took everyone’s photos in multiple combinations – whole family, parents, kids, me and the kids, and just me. I’m excited to see how they turn out – I’ll post the best ones when I get copies.

After the early photos, we came back to our beach house and went swimming. The wind had picked up overnight (a storm was coming), so the waves were really crashing in. The water was much colder as well, so I wasn’t tempted to go in. The kids delighted in feeling the waves crash over them.

Little Pink had several morning activities planned – a beach-side devotional (we skipped that), Yoga (also skipped), and fishing on the Avon pier (we did that one).

photo(53) photo(52)

Both kids managed to catch a fish (different kinds, even), so the morning was a success.

For the afternoon, we went back to the Cape Hattaras lighthouse to actually climb it, all 248 steps.

They're painting the lighthouse.

They’re painting the lighthouse.

The view from the top was quite impressive – you could see Buxton and Avon to the north, the end of Hattaras Island to the south, and Diamond Shoals in the ocean. The wind was also impressive. StatsGuy elected to stay on the ground and check out the little museum on the premises. He’s not so fond of heights.

Our final activity of the day was a pirate cruise. photo(56)The first mate told some pirate stories, and then gave out squirt guns to all the kids to defend the ship. After running around and squirting each other (and the adults), another boat drew up alongside and attacked.

Can you see the buckets of water they have?

Can you see the buckets of water they have?

They had buckets of water to throw at us and even the hose. Some of the water even made it across to our ship, and the kids were drenched. The adults elected to move to the other side of the boat and stay mostly dry.

Soaking wet, slightly shivering, gloriously happy children.

Soaking wet, slightly shivering, gloriously happy children.

A great time was had by all! We’re all sad that Friday is our last day. We’ve had such a wonderful time, it’s sad to see it come to an end.