Last Day, Late

I didn’t manage to get this post up before we left the Outer Banks. I wanted to get the house packed up Friday night so the kids and I could go swimming one last time on Saturday morning. As I keep telling the kids, finish your work before you play.

Friday was a rainy day. We couldn’t complain too much, since it had been so lovely all week. It was time to find some indoor activities. In the morning we decided to do some beading at a store just across Highway 12 from our road. We actually walked, since the rain had slowed down significantly. It took us a very long time (over an hour at least) to finish. I think the adults had the hardest time. I was always looking for just the right color and size to fit in my pattern.

The finished products

The finished products. I made the bracelet and StatsGuy made the navy/black necklace.

Lunch was at Dirty Dick’s Crab Shop, which was very yummy, and then we went to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum. It’s one of North Carolina’s maritime museums, focusing on all the shipwrecks that occurred on the shoals off the Outer Banks. I should have taken a picture of the building, because it was such an interesting shape, but I was distracted by the rain. It’s not a very big museum, but I was pleasantly surprised at all the cool displays, including something on the Monitor, and even an Enigma machine off a German U-Boat. It’s not necessarily worth a special trip, but if you’re in the area you should check it out.

By the time we got back to our house in the afternoon, the rain had stopped so we went down to the beach. I thought it was too cold to swim, but the kids went and played in the waves. It really wasn’t bad (considering all the wind we’d had), so I was sure to swim the next morning before we left.

Some pretty impressive waves

Some pretty impressive waves

Then it was time for our final dinner. Everyone was sad to leave and we all promised to keep in touch, even the kids.

A crazy group photo

A crazy group photo

It was truly a delightful vacation, full of good people and fun activities and no worries. It’s sad to have to go home and back to work and cancer treatments (I’m sitting at the Cancer Center getting my every-three-week Herceptin treatment right now), but we will go home refreshed.