No Doctor’s Appointments!!

It’s a minor miracle that I have no doctor’s appointments this week. In fact, it’s the first week all year (if you don’t count the vacation week, which I don’t because I wasn’t in town) that I have not had to go to a doctor’s appointment for either myself or the kids. If you take the kids out of the equation, there’s been one other week all year, but I had to go and sit in a doctor’s waiting room for them. so I’m including the kids in my record. Pretty sad that we’re nearly half-way through the year and I’ve had, at the most generous, three weeks with no appointments. Don’t worry, I’m back to the doctor’s office next week. You needed worry I’ll miss those waiting rooms.

Since I have no doctor’s appointments, I’ll talk about something frivolous – my hair. I actually got my hair cut before I went on vacation. I was debating whether or not it was long enough to get it cut, but it was starting to annoy me and not flip up correctly. Besides, if I got it cut, it would have some actual shape and style as opposed to just being how long everything happened to grow in.

Before - looking a bit wild and crazy

Before – looking a bit wild and crazy

Not having a lot of experience at the hair dresser’s, I wasn’t really sure what to tell her. The conversation went something like, “I’d like it to flip up in front, but not be so crazy in back, and keep something in front of the ears, but maybe not so much. Can you do anything with that?” Luckily, she could.

After - much more tamed.

After – much more tamed.

I was quite pleased with how it turned out. It’s not too different from what I came in with, but it all works together better. I am amazed that hair an inch long can still manage to stick up funny in places. The curl seems to be coming back, and it looks a little darker than before chemo. That’s probably just because all the sun-bleached highlights are gone. I am glad to note that I can make it look presentable after swimming without needing a mirror or brush. Overall, I’m quite happy with my hair. The question becomes how long I can go between haircuts…