Family portraits

One of the things we did on our Little Pink Houses of Hope vacation in Avon was get family portraits taken by a professional photographer. It was supposed to be done with the Cape Hattaras lighthouse in the background, but the weather was looking quite iffy for that day, so we moved to the fishing pier instead. Daniel Pullen is a great photographer, known especially for his surfing photos. The only problem is he works on surfing time so it would be few months before we should look for the photos.

Well, the wait is over and the pictures finally came. We actually got a CD with all the photos that were taken, and I’m quite impressed with the creativity shown in many of the family photos. Ours look much more traditional, but are still quite lovely. What do you think?

20140515_lphoh_031 20140515_lphoh_029 20140515_lphoh_027 20140515_lphoh_025