Checkup with Dr. Engel’s office

Last week I had two doctor’s appointments – one with Dr. Li and one with Dr. Engel. The appointment with Dr. Li wasn’t originally on the schedule and in fact, I had to remind Dr. Li why he was talking to me when he came into the room. Dr. Engel’s appointment, on the other hand, was a routine check-up. I actually met with his nurse, Carol. After waiting for an hour and a half (she got stuck lancing an infected cyst or similar such procedure), she finally showed up in the room. I was really glad I had a good book to read.

During my appointment, Carol did her routine checks of my chest and breasts. I had to sit and put each arm on her shoulder, and then lay down with my arm over my head. I get to go every six months for three years, yearly until five years, and then I can switch to my gynecologist or family care provider to do my checks after that point. I asked what she was checking for, and she said they were just looking for irregularities.

I also asked about a knot in my back, just below the point of my shoulder-blade, to see if it was related to the surgery. She indicated it was likely related to the surgery, since it’s at the edge of the nerve that goes through your armpit and down to your fingers. I have to stretch that nerve on a regular basis. It seems to tighten up and make a line running from my pinky towards my elbow tingle. It all seems to be related, which is good because it means it’s not likely to be cancer causing the pain.