Exchange Surgery is Scheduled!

I hope no one missed me too much these past few weeks. We went on our annual vacation to whatever city the Joint Statistical Meetings is at – Boston this year. It was great fun with lots of history, and just a few too many people for my tastes. Then it was back home and time for more doctor’s appointments.

I met with Dr. Kang on Monday to discuss my exchange surgery. It is an outpatient surgery (although it requires full anesthesia) with a pretty quick recovery time. That’ll be nice, but I still want to coordinate the surgery with my teaching schedule this year. Dr. Kang wants to wait six months after the end of radiation, to allow the skin to heal as much as possible, which means we’re talking the beginning of October. I wanted a Thursday or Friday so I wouldn’t miss any teaching days, so the earliest available date is October 10th. I got the first slot of the morning and scheduled a variety of pre-op appointments to be ready for the surgery.

I did ask a bit about the implant I’ll be getting. The room itself was full of options:

The variety of implants to choose from

The variety of implants to choose from

I reiterated that I wanted to go back to my original cup size. No more of this B-cup business, thank you very much. He’ll actually bring a couple of different sizes with him to the surgery and pick the one that provides the best symmetry with the other side. While they took out 200cc of breast tissue, he might need to put in something a bit bigger because the muscle tends to compress the implant, and sometimes the expander actually presses on the ribs enough to make a dent, so a larger size is required to get the same volume sticking out of the chest wall.

The other choice for the implant is the profile:

275cc implants - high profile on the left, medium profile on the right

275cc implants – high profile on the left, medium profile on the right. Notice the different in circumference

I’ll be getting a high profile, Mentor implant. The high profile aspect just means more of the volume goes to vertical vs. horizontal displacement. I’m guessing the medium and low profile implants are used to bolster someone’s natural breasts, instead of the complete replacement I’m getting.

Overall, I’m thrilled to have the surgery scheduled. I am so ready to get the expander out and something squishy in its place. I’m hoping with the implant it won’t hurt when I use my chest muscles like it does now. We’ll see in a few weeks!