Adding and Subtracting Doctor’s Appointments

This week I’ve managed to remove a doctor’s appointment from my schedule, but I had to add two new ones. This is not the math I prefer to do when talking about visiting a doctor. At least the appointments I added are in my home town, so I don’t even have to drive far.

The cancelled appointment was with Dr. Li. I called in order to get my orders for bloodwork, which I had forgotten to ask for during my last Herceptin treatment. It really doesn’t matter where I get my blood drawn and tested, as long as it’s just before my appointment. I’d really prefer to do it locally than having to drive a half an hour for a five-minute needle stick. When I called to get the orders transferred, the nurse couldn’t find my appointment. That was curious. After doing a little digging, it turns out my visit to talk about Tamoxifen pushed back my three-month visit into October sometime. Great! Fewer trips to the cancer center! Except for the fact that I was planning on using the bloodwork I needed for that appointment as the bloodwork I need for my surgery on October 10th as well. The nurse just sent me the order so I can do the bloodwork when I need it.

The added doctor’s appointments were also associated with my surgery. Dr. Kang’s office called today to let me know they need medical clearance from my primary care provider before doing the exchange surgery. (Turns out, since this is essentially elective surgery, there’s a few more hoops to jump through.) Trick is, I haven’t seen my primary care provider since I was diagnosed (I figure I’m being monitored just fine without him) and the doctor I was seeing at my practice has since left. That’s OK, the nurses are still the same so they were able to hook me up. As a bonus, they can do the EKG I need before surgery at the office as well. It’s a separate appointment, since the doctor will want to see the results before giving me clearance for the surgery, but again, now I don’t have to drive across town to the Heart Institute.

So I’ve had a bit of a respite from seeing the doctor, but my schedule is filling up again as surgery looms. No problem – this is one surgery I’m whole-heartedly looking forward to.