Port Flush

It seems I’m definitely on the mend, finally. After a week on the couch (and Saturday was the worst, although that could have been the NyQuil StatsGuy convinced me to try Friday night. Won’t be doing that again) I can survive the day without completely craving a nap. I am not 100% yet, but I’m pretty darn close. It no longer hurts to breathe, although I could do without the coughing. The nausea has gone away, and my appetite is back. Good. We’re all tired of me being sick.

Sunday night, as I was trying to get to sleep, I suddenly remembered I’m supposed to get my port flushed every four to six weeks. Wait, when was my last Herceptin treatment? The end of July? That makes it…one..two…oops. It had been seven weeks (to the day) since the last time my port was accessed on Monday. Guess I needed a quick trip to the RCC. Too bad my other doctor’s appointment for the day was cancelled, or I could have gotten them all taken care of in a day. As it was, I had to make a special trip, but it’s kind of important to make sure no clot grows in/on the port.

Special trip it was. And a bit of a wait, even if I did manage to schedule a time before lunch for the flush. Luckily the kids were completely occupied by the puzzle that’s always in the chemo waiting room. The flush itself just involves accessing the port, and vial of saline, and a vial of Herparin (an anticoagulant). Band-aid on, and out the door five minutes later. I promise I won’t wait seven weeks until the next port flush.