Finally Home

I finally made it home today. I was really banking on coming home last night, but it just didn’t happen. Dr. Colpan wanted to see what the cultures would grow so she could give me a specific antibiotic when I left, and it hadn’t been enough time since the surgery yet. So, I had to stay another night. While I understood intellectually why I needed to stay, I was heartbroken that I had to stay another night. I spent the night alternating between watching mindless TV, doing needlepoint on the family “I’m too sick to do anything else” embroidery, and crying. It was not a good night, which wasn’t helped by the fact that I couldn’t fall asleep.

The family's -itis embroidery.

The family’s -itis embroidery.

I woke up this morning in pretty much the same mood as last night. I’m sure the mood wasn’t helped by the pain in my arm from the Vancomycin. I asked the nurse to take the IV out as soon as my 5am dose was done. Even if I needed another dose, I’d need a new IV site because the one they were using hurt too much. I can’t even straighten out my arm because of the pain around the elbow. That’s a big bummer, since I’m trying to lay off my right arm so I don’t aggravate the drain. Luckily, I was done with the Vancomycin. I got to spend all morning not being attached to a machine.

My cultures finally came back positive – Staphyloccocus aureas, a common skin bacteria, and not the MRSA variety (although Vancomycin is used for MRSA). I got sent home with a prescription for a week of IV antibiotics that the Visiting Nurses will help me with. Turns out, they are equipped to access a port, so I didn’t have to get a PICC line. It does mean I have to leave the needle in that accesses my port for a week. That tape is going to be rough coming off.

My port all accessed and ready for antibiotics

My port all accessed and ready for antibiotics

We settled on a slightly more general antibiotic that can be given as an IV push once a day, as opposed to a more specific to Staph antibiotic that I would need infused three times a day, or oral antibiotics that might not get the job done and would require I go back to the hospital to get accessed for those IV antibiotics. Give me the drugs that decrease the chance I come back to the hospital, thank you very much.

That hospital's version of my antibiotic. In through the port this time.

That hospital’s version of my antibiotic. In through the port this time.

It felt weird to be home. There was a bit of sensory overload after six days in the hospital. Even so, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.