My cancer diagnosis

I’m a 39-year old mother of two kids (Mr. Curiosity, 10 and Miss Adventure, 7) who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, invasive mammary breast cancer with lobular features that has spread to the axillary lymph nodes, ER/PR negative and HER2 positive, to be precise. Most people ask me how I found out. Sadly, in my case, it wasn’t too hard to notice the lump. I had a gynecology visit on June 11th. When I set up the visit, two weeks earlier, I decided I should probably do a self-exam. At which point, I noticed a rather large mass in my right breast. I thought at first it was associated with my period, but it didn’t go away when my period stopped. The following week, the breast swelled up and was very sore, but it had subsided a bit by the time my gynecology visit occurred. The doctor agreed there was something in the breast, so he sent me for a mammogram and a breast ultrasound, just to be sure. The mammogram and ultrasound were on June 19th, and the radiologist knew right away that it was probably cancer. Since that time, it’s been a whirlwind of tests and doctor’s visits, culminating with neoadjuvant chemotherapy (TCH) starting on July 24th to shrink the tumor to the point where they can do surgery, and then 28-33 sessions of radiation. I had so many questions about how things felt, and what was normal, and what to expect and I found assistance in stories about other women’s journeys. So some good could come from my diagnosis, I am going to share my journey through diagnosis and treatment and beyond (because there is going to be a long beyond) with others who are interested. I hope it helps someone understand what to expect or what their friend or family member is going through.

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One thought on “My cancer diagnosis

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey! Please Lord watch over this young mother, her children, husband, family and friends. Please bring her healing-quickly reduce the size of the tumor, guide the doctors as they remove the tumor and get her in remission soon! Continue to give her the strength and courage to share her story! Help others to find her story and share a network of support! Amen!

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