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Staying healthy

I’m coming out of the side effects of this cycle of chemo, and I find it fascinating (when I don’t find it completely annoying) that each cycle has its own flavor to it. This cycle wasn’t too hard, at least in terms of direct chemo side effects. Outside of the two hard days last week, I really only had a little bit of nasty mouth taste and a little bit of nausea. That’s not to say I had it easy. Instead, what I’ve been dealing with is a cold.

Just before chemo, I was thinking to myself how healthy I’ve managed to stay. Sadly, that streak was broken and I caught a cold two days before this cycle of chemo. I knew there was no way I’d be completely healthy by the time I went into chemo, and I was right. Dr. Li reminded me I’d be longer getting over the cold because of chemo, and he was right. It’s a week and a half later and I’m still battling that cold.

It seems to have settled on my vocal cords and just makes me cough. For a while there, I was singing bass in the choir, if I could manage to croak anything out. My voice is back, but the cough is still with me. It’s not too bad, until evening. Once I start getting tired, even trying to talk makes me cough. I am getting better, but it is in tiny little steps. I would like to be completely better soon. At the rate I’m going through honey and lemon (makes great tea that seems to help a little), I will need to replenish my stocks soon.

I also noticed I don’t heal from scrapes and scratches as quickly as normal. I scraped my finger while removing that root ball (it comes back to that again) and it still hasn’t healed completely. Sadly, the scab keeps coming off and then it oozes all over the next finger… So, currently, I’ve got it slathered in vitamin E oil and wrapped in a bandage. If I do that every day until it heals, I don’t need to worry about it cracking open. I just have to remember to take the time.

So, my goal is to be healthy and whole going into my final bout of chemo so I don’t have to deal with these annoyances again.