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One At A Time, Please

Don’t problems know they’re supposed to come one at a time? I have the energy to deal with them as long as they come singly, not in the group I’m currently dealing with. It’s not fair when they gang up on me.

The pulled muscle seems to be getting better. I was able to mow a bit of the lawn today (the grass is getting to prairie stage, which the kids don’t want to play in as much).

I think I have the coughing mostly under control. I’ve been taking Zyrtex, which seems to control the coughing better than the Claritin I tried earlier. The coughing isn’t gone, but it’s much better. I’m usually fine until mid-afternoon, and then starting around 3 the coughing is worse. It makes it hard to lecture when you want to cough every time you say something, but the coughing has declined. Of course, going out to mow the lawn didn’t help the coughing this evening, but sacrifices must be made and chores must be done.

My new problem is I seem to have some kind of infection under the skin over the expander. It’s been a bit red and warm for a while, but I thought it was just related to the pulled muscle and being the expander. I started to get puffy areas on the expander the other day or so, and today one of those spots (a very thin spot that had just finally healed from picking some dead skin months ago) started oozing pus. Lovely. Guess who gets to call the plastic surgeon tomorrow. And if this messes up my surgery date, I am going to be really, REALLY mad. Maybe he’ll need to take the expander out to let the infection heal. That would remove the expander. The problem is, if Dr. Kang removes the expander, I’m not sure I’ll have the strength of will to put one back in. On a good note, perhaps the reason I’ve been so tired has been I’m fighting an infection, and not because I’m anemic. Lemonade anyone?


Another Checkup

Monday I was scheduled for another check-up with the breast surgeon’s office. Good, I could tie that appointment to my trip to the Cancer Center for my port flush. Too bad the office called early Monday morning to reschedule. The PA I was seeing wouldn’t be in the office Monday morning. Bummer. I still needed that port flush ASAP (since it had been a week too long already), so guess I couldn’t tag team the appointments.

I rescheduled for Thursday at 11am. It would break up a school day (the other advantage for the Monday appointment), but at least it was close to lunch and perhaps wouldn’t screw up the schooling too much that day. The check-up was quick and easy, although we had a bit more to talk about than usual. She commented on the circle of pink on my expander. I explained about overdoing the yard work, pulling a muscle and the significant pain associated with that event. She commented I might have torn a muscle, and what we were seeing was a hematoma. Just keep an eye on it and call Dr. Kang’s office if it got worse. It continues to get fainter, so I’m not too worried (although it better be all healed by October 10th. I don’t want anything to mess with that surgery date!!).

The other topic of conversation was a cough I seemed to have picked up. For a couple of days, I could hardly talk because every time I tried, I started coughing. Again, the PA was a little concerned because it’s always possible the cancer has moved to lungs. If it doesn’t go away in a reasonable amount of time, I should get a chest X-ray “just in case.” Of course, now I’m all paranoid about recurrence, when I’m sure it’s just allergies. It’s prime allergy season (StatsGuy lets me know every morning), and I’ve had this cough-when-talking phenomenon happen before. Hey, at least I already have orders for a chest X-ray before my surgery so I could get one without having to see a doctor first. I scheduled an EKG before the surgery (one, because I’ve never had one, and might as well add to the tests I’ve taken, and two, less radiation, which I’m all about with all the testing I get.), but I could always change my mind.

The coughing does seem to be getting better. Lots of raw honey from my mother and trying to rest and heal as much as possible.