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Back to the Sonogramist

Is sonogramist even a word? What do you call the technician who does the sonograms, if not sonogramist? Something to add to our list of random questions posted on the fridge I guess.

The gynecologist wanted me to go back and get another sonogram, just to see what the cyst was doing on my left ovary. Since we hadn’t looked at it in about a year, we needed some current data. I trekked on back into Erie to the fancy OB/GYN practice. It’s a bit big for me – I’m not sure I like getting a pager when I check in. They do have a lovely view, though, and get you in and out pretty quickly. At least for a sonogram.

Overall, it was a quick process. The practice is set up mainly for pregnant women to get a look at their baby, so there’s a monitor mounted on the wall that I could easily see from the table. I find it fascinating to be able to see all my body parts, and the technician was more than happy to explain what she saw and what she was doing. She found the cyst again (darn – I was hoping it would disappear) and did comment it looked a little smaller. At least it wasn’t bigger. Now I can wait until the doctor decides what to do about. I’m leaning towards a big fat “nothing”, but we’ll see what she has to say.



Gynecology visit

Vacation is over, which means it’s back to doctor’s appointments. I think next week I have no doctor’s appointments (either for myself or for the kids), which is the first time this year I’ve gone a week without waiting in a doctor’s office somewhere. I don’t consider vacation week to count, but even so, that’s not a good record.

This week, I was off to the gynecologist. If you remember, way back at the beginning of this process, my PET scan had turned up a couple of anomalies. One was a cyst on my kidney and one was a cyst on my ovary. The last time I visited Dr. Li, he asked that I get the ovarian cyst rechecked, just to see what it was doing. I finally got around to calling the doctor. My primary care doctor couldn’t do it. I actually had to go to a gynecologist. Sure, what’s another doctor to add to the fleet of doctor’s I’ve been seeing!

The gynecologist the nurse recommended is part of OBGYN Associates, in the same office building as my plastic surgeon. It’s a huge office – both times I was there this week, there were at least 15 people in the waiting room. They give you pagers to know about when your number will be called to go back in the office. The doctor was very nice – took a quick history and then did a gynecology exam, since I was there and it had been about a year since my last exam anyways. Besides, I wanted to make the visit worthwhile, since they weren’t going to do the sonogram that I really came for that day. I needed to make another appointment for that visit.

Latest gown pattern, with a white sheet on the bottom half

Latest gown pattern, with a white sheet on the bottom half

At least I didn’t have to wait too long for the sonogram – I was back in two days for that. It was a quick wait and then in to meet the tech. You take off the bottom half of your clothes, wrap yourself in a sheet and lay on the bed with your feet in the stirrups. There was a cyst on my left ovary, but no blood flow to the mass, which implies fluid filled and not a tumor. The doctor will look at the scans and double-check, but the tech didn’t seem too nervous. Good. Even though I didn’t think it would be anything serious, any kind of doctor’s visit and test now implies a bit of nervousness.