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Successful Surgery

Surgery was scheduled for 6pm last night. The Infectious Agents doctor (I finally learned her name – Dr. Colpan) was disappointed the surgery was last night. She would have wanted to stop my antibiotics beforehand in the hopes of getting a good culture and some idea of the bacteria I’ve got growing inside me. Too bad – I wanted the surgery ASAP so I could get out of here sooner.

Before the surgery, I had to take off all my jewelry (they use a tool to cauterise blood vessels that could cause a spark on metal objects) and all my clothes (luckily, no catheter this time, just a breathing tube). I also had to wipe the area being operated on with a cleansing, antimicrobial wipe. Three minutes with one wipe, let it dry, and three minutes with the other. Three minutes is a lot of time to have to wash a small, tender area.

I had to go to the main OR, instead of the Women’s Hospital’s OR. Dr. Kang took what was available. By 6pm, the OR was pretty empty, so I got lots of attention from all the nurses prepping me. Dr. Kang showed up only a few minutes late and had to complete some paperwork and sign my breast. You have to be sure to mark laterality, just in case.

I was pretty woozy after the surgery and a little nauseous, but I never go to the pukey phase like the last time I had anesthesia. They game me a couple more drugs for nausea this time. My throat was quite dry and sore from the breathing tube, so I woke up every hour or so overnight to get a drink and go back to sleep. This morning, I’m feeling pretty good. I haven’t needed any pain meds, which is pretty awesome. The surgery site hurts every once in a while, but nothing too intense. It is weird not to have the expander in anymore. The right side of my chest is completely flat now. It’s covered in gauze, so I haven’t been able to look at it yet.

I do have two gown patterns to add to the collection:

The gown pattern for the Women's hospital. I've worn several of these during my current hospital stay.

The gown pattern for the Women’s hospital. I’ve worn several of these during my current hospital stay.

The gown from the main hospital's operating room

The gown from the main hospital’s operating room

Now I’m just waiting to see Dr. Kang and probably Dr. Colpan again to tell me when I can go home and what drugs I’ll be taking with me.



How Quickly I Forget

Not that anyone in my family would be surprised to hear that I forgot something. It’s a running joke that goes, “Hey, do you remember. Oh wait, nevermind. You won’t remember.” I was reminded of two things this week.

The first reminder was how much pain messes with your life. My chest muscles are feeling somewhat better, which just means new achy spots have appeared. I think what may have happened is the expander shifted a bit. That would explain all the new aches and pains I’m currently experiencing. I’ve actually had to break out some of the left-over pain meds I had floating around just so I could function. The drugs work great. I feel completely normal, and then they wore off this evening and it was bad.

The constant pain just drains my energy. The not sleeping because every sleeping position involves some amount of pain doesn’t help. I’m also not hungry, which is a key characteristic that says “Not feeling well.” It is getting better, slowly but surely.

Working hard

Working hard

The other thing I noticed was how much easier homeschooling was this year compared to next year. I figured it was just because the kids were another year older and that much better at working independently. Someone (I think either my mother or sister) commented it was probably because I didn’t have to schedule homeschooling around cancer treatments and doctor’s appointments. Oh yeah. That would probably make things much harder than this year.

Working hard

Working hard

Now to feel better, soon.

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The day after surgery

I only had to stay in the hospital overnight, so the day after my surgery I was headed home. Dr. Engel ordered me two post-surgical camisoles that could hold my drains and protect the incision site.

The surgical camisole

The surgical camisole

Sadly, it did not work for me at all. I was able to take off the Ace bandage 24 hours after surgery which I was grateful for since it was starting to itch underneath. I put the cami on instead. The nice part is it zips down the middle and it has pockets that velcro to the inner part of the cami to hold my two drains.

Notice the velcro pouch on the right and the strip of cloth under the zipper.

Notice the velcro pouch on the right and the strip of cloth under the zipper.

Unfortunately, that’s the only good thing I could say about it. I was given a size up so it wouldn’t put too much pressure on the incision site. That meant the bottom of the cami wouldn’t lay flat to my body when I sat because of the strip of cloth under the zipper, so I seriously looked pregnant. The center piece under the zipper totally itched and the strap went right over my port, pushing on it and making that hurt. Needless to say I was not at all comfortable. I took the cami off and went back to the Ace bandage. The trick is wrapping it tight enough so it won’t quickly slip off my chest, but not so tight that it itches or hurts any of the incision sites. I did keep the velcro pockets for the drains, sticking them directly to my button-down sweater during the day or the Ace bandage itself when I go to bed.

Good thing the sweater buttons, so I can leave the bottom ones for the drains.

Good thing the sweater buttons, so I can leave the bottom ones undone for the drains.

You can see how the drains stick to the sweater, as well as the Ace bandage wrapped around my chest - tight enough to stay up, but loose enough not to itch.

You can see how the drains stick to the sweater, as well as the Ace bandage wrapped around my chest.


The drive home from the hospital was also a bit painful. I didn’t need a pillow to go under the seatbelt, as others had indicated was helpful. The problem I found was every bump we went over jarred my body and made it ache even more. I’ve also found that shivering is one of the more painful activities that I can do. Overall, though, the pain is lessening every day. So far, I feel better in the evening that I do in the morning so I know everything is healing.

My biggest annoyance is probably the itchiness. I’m not allowed to shower until the drains come out (and that won’t be until Monday at the earliest). At least I don’t have much hair right now, but the stuff they used to clean my skin before surgery made me a lovely shade of orange and everything itches. I’ve had to ask StatsGuy to scrub my back with a washcloth, since I can’t easily reach. I have noticed, when I’m gently scratching on my right side, that my armpit and underside of my upper arm are quite numb. Dr. Engel did mention there are two nerves he had to watch out for during the surgery – a motor nerve, which he was able to keep clear of, and a sensory nerve, that got a little roughed up in the surgery. We’ll see if sensation comes back to that area any time soon.