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Back to the Sonogramist

Is sonogramist even a word? What do you call the technician who does the sonograms, if not sonogramist? Something to add to our list of random questions posted on the fridge I guess.

The gynecologist wanted me to go back and get another sonogram, just to see what the cyst was doing on my left ovary. Since we hadn’t looked at it in about a year, we needed some current data. I trekked on back into Erie to the fancy OB/GYN practice. It’s a bit big for me – I’m not sure I like getting a pager when I check in. They do have a lovely view, though, and get you in and out pretty quickly. At least for a sonogram.

Overall, it was a quick process. The practice is set up mainly for pregnant women to get a look at their baby, so there’s a monitor mounted on the wall that I could easily see from the table. I find it fascinating to be able to see all my body parts, and the technician was more than happy to explain what she saw and what she was doing. She found the cyst again (darn – I was hoping it would disappear) and did comment it looked a little smaller. At least it wasn’t bigger. Now I can wait until the doctor decides what to do about. I’m leaning towards a big fat “nothing”, but we’ll see what she has to say.