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No more stickers!

Right now I’m sitting in a Herceptin treatment that I almost forgot about. I didn’t put it on my calendar, but last night I realized it had been three weeks since the last treatment and three weeks until the next treatment, which is a strong indication that I had Herceptin today. Turns out I was correct. The excitement really came during my radiation treatment before Herceptin. I guess the last set of X-rays came out OK, because I got the stickers off and replaced by tattoos today. Here’s what my breastbone looked like with the stickers:

I had four other stickers - three under my arm and another on the top line.

I had four other stickers – three under my arm and another on the top line.

The top sticker was high enough that it showed with a low-necked shirt.

Here’s what the same spot looks like now:

There's two new freckles on my chest now.

There’s two new freckles on my chest now.

You can’t even tell which are the radiation marks and which are my natural freckles. The tattoos are in the center of the red marks caused by the removal of the stickers – teeny tiny and black. The stickers didn’t want to come off. They were like very sticky bandaids that left their goo behind. Luckily they have adhesive remover in their arsenal of toys. Yeah for no more stickers!


No tattoos yet

Sadly, I won’t be getting anything cool or pretty tattooed. Just some dots the size of a freckle as radiation guides, instead of the Sharpie-under-sticker arrangement I have currently. I could keep the stickers until the end of radiation, but they really annoy me. Whenever I wash or moisturize my chest, I have to work around the stickers. Besides, the upper one on my breastbone shows when I wear half my shirts.

I was supposed to get the tattoos today, but the techs needed to verify the location of one of my marks. The day before, I had X-rays taken after two of my radiation doses. Apparently, it’s a weekly monitoring X-ray so they can verify I’m lining up on the bed the way the doctor wants me to. I also get a weekly dosimeter so they can check the amount of radiation I am receiving.

It’s been a week of radiation, so the plan was to get the tattoos today, but one of the marks didn’t line up quite right. The techs took another X-ray for verification. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to take the stickers off.